Proclaim Band Los Vecinos in Belarus


The first question we usually get about this tour is — “Why would you go to Belarus in February — again — during one of coldest winters on record in Europe?”  Sure — we would love to enjoy this beautiful country sometime in more pleasant weather. But more importantly, this timing is strategic for helping our partner ministry there in a major annual event that is significant in their connection with young people and the community.

Other opportunities will be encouraging churches, building relationships through concerts in public schools and colleges, and teaching master classes for musicians and technicians.

We have already experienced great challenges leading up to this tour with physical issues and individual circumstances that affected personnel. Most recently, getting the entry visas approved for all 14 team members living in 3 different countries came down to the wire. The approval for the last two members was miraculous as God worked through demands and complications in the process that seemed impossible. As always, He has given us just a little taste of his sufficiency. A reminder that He alone is mighty to accomplish this and much greater things than we can imagine.

Even if the enemy couldn’t keep us from getting there, he will certainly spare no effort to oppose the ministry in action. Please pray for our team in Belarus February 18 – March 5.