Help us celebrate and encourage the church in Mackovec, Croatia, as their new church building and ministry center becomes a reality. Groundbreaking took place in February 2016, and now the building is nearing completion. The plan is to have the inaugural service on Reformation Day this fall (2019) and the grand opening celebration in June […]

In July Proclaim! celebrated the 20th year of Mercy Street Rhythm and Blues band, with a ministry tour Croatia and Serbia. Mercy Street Rhythm and Blues was originally created to minister in open air concerts all across former Yugoslavia. This ministry team, including the reuniting of some original members, performed and proclaimed in city squares and public venues in a record-breaking Europe heat wave!

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The April 27th annual Gala fundraiser was truly one of the best yet with three teams who have been active in ministry in Peru. The performance variety from the three very different ministries kept things moving along! So much talent and creativity all for the glory of God!

Proclaim!-Peru’s La Taba mime ministry worked in Greece alongside an organization Proclaim! has partnered with on several occasions.

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We Triple Teamed the Junin region of Peru  — a new area for our Proclaim!-Peru Director Rino Beretta who organized and led the evangelism teams. 

If you Google the 15 best things to do in Junin Province you will see 15 things these teams  did not do! But all the teams agreed that it was a fantastic experience and a very worthwhile investment. These small churches put so much into it and were so appreciative of the partnership. They were rewarded with new believers and interested contacts, and were eager to meet the challenge of more effectively reaching unbelievers.

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Proclaim! Germany headed up an ambitious project in Hungary partnering with a local church that has a heart for reaching Roma (Gypsy) villages. Read more

God is at work in places you won’t really hear about on our website. Proclaim has the privilege of continuing to do ministry where biblical churches are illegal, public evangelism is forbidden, and Christians are punished for their belief. But God is still opening doors for meeting felt needs, developing contacts and deep relationships, and even publicly giving truth and hope in unconventional ways.

It is a formidable amount of work, logistical effort, and financial expense for our ministry and for our friends in the places where we do this type of ministry. Is it worth it? Wrong question. Is HE worth it? Absolutely. We have amazing opportunities and see fruit. Please don’t forget about these places that are needy but cannot be as publicly visible.


On July 25 our dear friend and colleague Ed Stephenson experienced what it is to be “absent from the body and to be present with the Lord” — whose salvation Ed has faithfully spent his life proclaiming. Ed holds a record for short term participation in Proclaim evangelism tours, having been on at least one tour nearly every year since 1995, except during a period when he was recovering from having half a lung removed! But he came back from that temporary setback more motivated than ever, and after another 15 years of dedicated ministry he completed 2016 with two evangelism tours – a sax quartet in Greece and, a week later, on to China with a jazz band.

Four years ago Ed became a Proclaim Associate in recognition of the ongoing commitment that he and his wife Gail have had in personal sacrifice for the ministry of the gospel through Proclaim. He is part of us. How we will miss the exceptional musical ability and creativity, the humor, and the humble, gentle, generous spirit of this multi-faceted half musical genius, half brilliant engineer. He lived out Colossians 3:23-24: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.”


June 17 – July 1

This weekend kicked off the first of 6 Proclaim tours this summer, a very exciting and innovative evangelistic music tour in the South of France. Read more

The church in Mackovec, Croatia, home of Ima Nade-Proclaim ministry, was already filled to capacity when we first were introduced and began what has become a ministry partnership of over 30 years. During these years the church has adapted the facilities, started other churches, and just enjoyed close fellowship, as they faithfully continued to build the true church, the body of believers, and tirelessly reached out to the lost in their local community and far beyond. They never let the limited resources hold them back, but never lost the vision of one day having a building that could facilitate even more growth and capacity for ministry to those outside.

After years of planning, praying, and patiently waiting for God’s timing, property and administrative issues were resolved and the church broke ground for their new building in February 2016.

Since then, God has blessed with provision and significant progress through the work and sacrifice of believers in the body. The construction goal for the first year was met ahead of schedule with the building completely enclosed!

Needed to meet the goal for this year: Givers and Workers!

  • $70,000 will be needed to meet the payment schedule for the roof contractor.
  • Projects inside the building (dry wall, tile, carpeting …) are planned for local volunteers or work teams: Specifically – teams from the US who can finance their trip to do the work on various projects.

Branko Kovačević, Ima Nade Director, and Proclaim! International CoDirector says:

The church is ready for a big step forward. God has provided what we needed to begin, and we know that He will fulfill our needs according to the riches of His glory. We ask you to join with us in this project. Please pray for us, and help financially if you can.

For more information see church website   or email Branko:   [email protected]

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The Blue Door Band from California was in Peru with a 12-member Proclaim! team February 13-27. As people were attracted to the band’s pop, jazz and Latin music at daily outreach events, they heard the good news and had the opportunity to connect personally with the team and with local churches.

THE BLUE DOOR BAND – LISTEN HERE  (Click on Videos at the site)

SAX 4TH AVENUE saxophone quartet has returned home from Greece. On arrival they hit the ground running after a 2 day delay because of a strike in Greece. Read more

PR CDs New WEB 1.15.2016 Proclaim! International as a community of missionaries has taken a historic step forward.

From the inception of Proclaim in 2000 we determined that we were going to be a mission led by missionaries, trusting the Holy Spirit in each other, and seeking God’s leading together. And what a time of blessing and growth we have had in the past 15 years under the leadership of our founding co-directors, John Bowers, Bob McIntyre, and Bob Johnson. New Proclaim national ministries have been established and are growing in Croatia, France, Germany, Peru, and Belarus, and new or ongoing partnerships for evangelism and training are increasing.

As we grow we are always looking for ways that God is leading us to adapt and advance the ministry as good stewards, and a critical aspect of that responsibility is preparing new leaders. Even well before Bob Johnson was promoted to heaven over three years ago, the Co-directors were actively planning strategies for developing new leadership.

Now after a lengthy process of prayer, discussion and discernment, with thankfulness we begin 2016 with four new Co-directors who have been decisively led by God, recommended by the International Council, and affirmed by the Proclaim Community. They represent the whole of the Community, come from four different national backgrounds, and are all experienced leaders in Proclaim. Each has a depth of understanding of our structure, values and ministries through service on the International Council and significant interaction with many of the Proclaim ministries.

Previous Co-directors Bob and John are not leaving or retiring, but continuing in leadership of Proclaim’s US ministries and involvement in other worldwide Proclaim efforts. In John’s words,

Bob and I are full of confident joy that we have come to this place at the right time. A time for the community to advance new leaders and for us to continue to serve as the Lord leads us in new roles and ministry responsibilities in Proclaim. So we have, as Bob Johnson used to say, expectant faith, as Proclaim! moves forward with our new Co-directors who will lead us in the years to come.


For many of the cultural contexts in which Proclaim is working, this season is one of the best times of the year to talk with creativity and boldness about the Hope that is within us.12366421_10153326652322219_9088499101504239814_n

Annual Christmas Production – Ima Nade, Croatia

And the Proclaim community has been doing exactly that: a concert for refugees in Germany, Christmas concerts in Belarus, a “Christmas Lord’s Supper” banquet in France, four nights of Christmas concerts with a refugee theme in Croatia with 1000 people from the community attending, a theater play in Peru, with church members participating — as well as the many personal contacts and conversations with friends and neighbors.

At Christmas, as always, we trust that God will use each point of contact, whether a high profile public event or a brief conversation with a neighbor talking about the Real meaning of Christmas, as a powerful entry point for His Spirit into lives.

Kim Peterson, Latin America Ministry Coordinator

Recently I played in the orchestra at a local church for their Royal Wedding musical. I got a text late the night before asking if I could substitute for their sax player in this production. I said “yes” and am very glad I did. It was a powerful play that creatively and emotively told the gospel story. I cried during it, even though I was sight reading and needed to keep a clear head, focused on playing the music. There were over 20 in the orchestra, a choir of about a hundred, and about 20 actors.

All the effort and expense to reach the community with the gospel reminded me of the effort and expense God invested and continues to invest in us. Serving God well can’t be done “economically.” We serve him lavishly and sacrificially. When we do that, the power of God’s love is displayed. Audiences sense it and feel it, and many come to understand and live it.

12389217_10156263167125654_531825020_oOur Proclaim team is going to Chile next month, sacrificially and lavishly, because we are going to love Chileans like God loves us. As we continue to work hard to prepare, we are going to see more and more God’s awesome love and truth displayed in and through us.

We do this for our Lavish Lord.

The Sunrise Church four who are part of the team


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January 25-February 2 Proclaim members Kim Peterson and Jeff Aslesen return to the Island of Hispañola and the Dominican Republic where Columbus first set foot in the New World. They will work with believers there to help people place their faith’s footing on the Rock of Ages and discover the New Life.


Kim says:

This is the Carnaval season in the D.R. a dark, dangerous and disappointing time where people look for what they long for in places where their needs can’t be satisfied. We will spend this week in La Vega, Dominican Republic, reaching out to seekers and rallying Christians to join the rescue party. We will be calling out through music and the Word to invite people to eat the only True Bread that satisfies. From Monday to Saturday we’ll be in churches, on the street, and in a jazz club. On Sunday we participate in the kick-off event of Unidos Por El (United By Him). This is the first event of an entire month of February activities sponsored by UPE which offer Living Water to the thirsty of LaVega, D.R.


Here is one of the songs in Spanish that Kim wrote for this outreach:

Lyrics in English:

Microsoft Word - Your Home _Tu Casa_.doc

Jeanne and Kim Peterson led a team of 15, age 13 to 59, 
to Lima, Peru with the Good News. 

web team

Their outreach tools were dance and music. For two weeks, dancers danced and spoke the gospel during 30 presentations.

web umbrella finale

web Kim Jon play LS Together with musicians, they proclaimed the Gospel in schools, churches, on the street in parks and in plazas.

web flags church  street event

web Egyptian

web cup of waterGod grew them closer to Himself as they celebrated Him. 

web prayer

And He filled them with joy as hundreds said “yes” to Jesus’ invitation to receive forgiveness and life.

web marionettes

web sharing chosica

web trish

Everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.  Rom 10:14

Photos Jeanne Peterson

This photo by Bob McIntyre in Åmål, Sweden on July 4th, 2014, is one of my all-time favorites. It is worth 1,000 words in summarizing who we are and what we do in Proclaim!

2 wordFirst and foremost we preach Christ crucified. The members of the sponsoring churches were encouraged by our openness and boldness in declaring the clear gospel message of the cross of Christ.

3 dominic

Dominic Bijan (outstanding guitarist) is our German staff member. He works with Steve Liberti in Germany in our band “Soul Tattoo.” Dominic is a motivated and effective personal evangelist, and always wears a smile of joy – even when he had a toothache!

J& D ministry lg



Diana and I are thankful for our calling to minister and work together as we use our gifts and lives to tell the good news.

5 translator

Though the vast majority of Swedes speak English usually we are dependent on translators like Olga for communication in places where none of us speak the language.

8 Libertie full time




Steve Liberti is one of our fulltime staff members who first came as a short termer. He and his family now live and minister in Germany. Steve is a great musician and a gifted evangelist.

6 Wallace short term


Steve Wallace playing bass is one of hundreds of folks who have come over the years as short term workers. We can’t do ministry without them!

7 churches


Of course there are BIG things not seen in this photo. Like the four churches of Åmål who worked together on the outreach.

And most importantly the hundreds who heard the good news of salvation!

9 Hundresd who heard