Loving Lavishly As God Does

Kim Peterson, Latin America Ministry Coordinator

Recently I played in the orchestra at a local church for their Royal Wedding musical. I got a text late the night before asking if I could substitute for their sax player in this production. I said “yes” and am very glad I did. It was a powerful play that creatively and emotively told the gospel story. I cried during it, even though I was sight reading and needed to keep a clear head, focused on playing the music. There were over 20 in the orchestra, a choir of about a hundred, and about 20 actors.

All the effort and expense to reach the community with the gospel reminded me of the effort and expense God invested and continues to invest in us. Serving God well can’t be done “economically.” We serve him lavishly and sacrificially. When we do that, the power of God’s love is displayed. Audiences sense it and feel it, and many come to understand and live it.

12389217_10156263167125654_531825020_oOur Proclaim team is going to Chile next month, sacrificially and lavishly, because we are going to love Chileans like God loves us. As we continue to work hard to prepare, we are going to see more and more God’s awesome love and truth displayed in and through us.

We do this for our Lavish Lord.

The Sunrise Church four who are part of the team