8th Annual Mission Conference in Croatia

Ima Nade Director Branko Kovacevic

January 19-21: The 8th annual mission conference for Proclaim!-Croatia / Ima Nade welcomed a record number of church members and their leaders from Croatia and surrounding countries.

Speakers for the weekend were Proclaim Co-director John Bowers and Stuart McAllister of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.

Following the conference Stuart continued with two more days of ministry in the area of Ima Nade’s home base Cakovec, beginning with encouraging believers at a gathering of evangelical churches. Then there were opportunities to interact with high school students and teachers on the meaning and significance of Hope.  In a final public event Stuart spoke of Our Hope in Europe – a timely message, as it provided perspective in context of the outcome of the previous day’s decision making Croatia part of the European Union.

The potential impact of the conference and these follow up events is powerful as God works through the vision, faith and effort of these servants.