Proclaim! International as a community of missionaries has taken a historic step forward.
From the inception of Proclaim in 2000 we determined that we were going to be a mission led by missionaries, trusting the Holy Spirit in each other, and seeking God’s leading together. And what a time of blessing and growth we have had in […]

For many of the cultural contexts in which Proclaim is working, this season is one of the best times of the year to talk with creativity and boldness about the Hope that is within us.
Annual Christmas Production – Ima Nade, Croatia
And the Proclaim community has been doing exactly that: a concert for refugees in Germany, Christmas […]

Kim Peterson, Latin America Ministry Coordinator
Recently I played in the orchestra at a local church for their Royal Wedding musical. I got a text late the night before asking if I could substitute for their sax player in this production. I said “yes” and am very glad I did. It was a powerful play that creatively and emotively […]

January 25-February 2 Proclaim members Kim Peterson and Jeff Aslesen return to the Island of Hispañola and the Dominican Republic where Columbus first set foot in the New World. They will work with believers there to help people place their faith’s footing on the Rock of Ages and discover the New Life.

Kim says:
This is the […]

Jeanne and Kim Peterson led a team of 15, age 13 to 59, 
to Lima, Peru with the Good News. 

Their outreach tools were dance and music. For two weeks, dancers danced and spoke the gospel during 30 presentations.

 Together with musicians, they proclaimed the Gospel in schools, churches, on the street in parks and in plazas.

God grew them closer […]

In much of the USA the World Cup seems to be hardly more than a blip on the evening news. But in many parts of the world, life revolves around the daily results, even after the country’s team has been eliminated.
For Proclaim ministries in July in Peru and Croatia, this event will take center stage […]

God answered prayer! Our entire team met weekly for over a month before the Gala for prayer, planning, updating, and encouragement.  Board members invited many guests and helped with planning, and one member took the event photos you see here.

Staff members all helped with various aspects of the evening, under the leadership of Patty […]