How We Do Public Evangelism


Evangelism is the communication of the truth of salvation to those who don’t believe. Many in the “post-Christian” west dismiss the gospel as irrelevant to their lives, while in much of the rest of the world Christianity is discarded as unthinkable and rejected out-of- hand as foreign to traditional religions tied for centuries to national, cultural or ethnic identity.

Yet, we know that God is calling us to reach them with His truth. The challenge is to present the gospel in such a way that they will reconsider its message.



Our approach to evangelism is unusual in that we reach the people who probably would not or could not ever enter a church. We challenge them with the truth in ways that capture their attention and overcome cultural and traditional prejudices.

Music, drama, mime and dance are excellent instruments to communicate truth, especially in areas where language is a barrier. These art forms communicate the message while catching a person’s curiosity and engaging both his mind and heart, and have international appeal. Our artists perform to eager and receptive audiences. People become open to discussing heart issues relating to truth and the meaning of life.

DEDICATED TO EXCELLENCE!pasha violin close

Our love for God demands our best, and doing our best underscores our dedication to our faith. Excellence lends credibility to the messenger and commands the attention of those we are seeking to reach. Communicating with clarity and skill is a consistent testimony to the truth of the message.  However, no art of man can save anyone. The gospel is the power of salvation, but people must first hear it before they can believe.


Sadly, for many people in the world, the gospel is neither good nor news. Anything that hints of Christianity is usually greeted with either apathy or animosity.  “They walk,” as Paul said, “in the futility of their minds, being darkened in their understanding, excluded from the life of God, because of the ignorance that is in them…” God’s Word is light, but how do we get them to see it?


john speaking zoomIronically, talking about religion may draw anger, but singing about God may well draw applause. For many people speaking about God is viewed as being antagonistic but singing about God is artistic.

Through artistic communication we take the light of God’s truth and reflect it at different angles. This provides a new perspective and delights darkened hearts with the joy and hope of the gospel. People are often amazed that Christ is proclaimed publicly in city squares and marketplaces. Maybe astounding today, but an idea used by the first missionary, Paul.