Community Outreach

Proclaim! International missionaries are active in their communities in a variety of ways through involvement in their local churches as well as in ministries that have a wider focus and often involve cooperation among churches and Christian organizations.  We believe it is important that evangelical churches enjoy fellowship and work together, especially in areas where the church is small and faces strong opposition.  We encourage this by our own active involvement.  The scope and breadth of these ministries and activities in the community are limited only by personal ability and gifting and the specific circumstances and opportunities.  They include:

  • Public evangelism through music, the visual arts, and mime
  • Organizing, leading and participating in city-wide evangelistic outreaches
  • Bible studies
  • Addiction recovery ministry
  • Camping
  • Youth and children’s ministries
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Christian music festivals
  • Special interest clubs such as motorcycling, quilting, community choirs,  swing dance, etc.
  • Recording studio, audio and video production
  • Music composition and arrangement
  • Supporting and facilitating humanitarian aid projects such as earthquake and war relief, medical and hospital assistance, restoration of a music school, support for the blind, scholarship funding for the poor to attend university, etc.
  • Sports ministries (basketball, football)
  • Providing expertise and consultation to other organizations to assist in ministry, personnel, organizational, and facilities development and strategic planning
  • Facilitating and encouraging the development of mission and church cooperation such as the Coalition for the Evangelization of Europe, Hope for Europe, and the Association of International Missions (Kosovo)
  • Administration and technical support